Solo Line Dance mit Qualität & Spaß!





 Montag 22.10.  Freitag 26.10. 
1Save Me Tonight1Sweet Hurt 
2To Rome2Tag On 
3New Tattoo - Kurzwiederholung3Dig Your Heels
4Whiskey Bridges4Island in the Stream
5Damn! - Kurzwiederholung5Where We ve Been
6Sweet Hurt6Not Fair
7Golden Wedding Ring 7Dizzy 
8Groovy Love8Bosa Nova
9Lonely Drum9Doing The Walk 
10Bethlehem Child - Kurzwiederholung10Coastin
11Best Friend11New Tattoo
12Cards on the Table12Adventure 45 
13Not Fair 13To Rome
14Chasing Down A Good Time14Make Way
15Echame La Culpa15Dig Your Heels
16True Believer 16Best Friend
17Put It On Me17The Flute
18Dancin' the Dust18Bethlehem Child - Kurzwiederholung
19Adventure 4519Take Me To The River 
20Lay Low20A Double Whiskey by Gary O'Reilly - neu
 Donnerstag 25.10. 21Open Your Eyes
1Blessed22Damn!!!!! by Rob Fowler
2The Flute 23Say It Again - Kurzwiederholung
3Dig Your Heels24Get It Right 
4Corn Don't Grow25Wandering Hearts
5Blaze of Glory 26Like A Fine Wine
6Bethlehem Child - Kurzwiederholung27Capital Letters
7Meet Me There 28Groovy Love
8Damn! - Kurzwiederholung29Doctor Doctor
9Texas Time 30A Double Whiskey 
10Perfect31Texas Time
11Get It Right 32Tippy Tippy Toes
12Save the Day33Hit The Floor
13Havana Ooh-Na-Na  34Missing
14True Believer!35Put It On Me
15Capital Letters 36Blessed
16Perhaps Love  
17Groovy Love  
18Where We ve Been  
19Sweet Hurt  
20Say It Again   
21Wandering Hearts